GIF Homegroups (Growing In Faith)

Our vision for our ‘Growing in Faith’ Homegroups at St Wilfrid’s is that as a community of Christians we grow together both in friendship and spiritually. Homegroups are a place of safety where we can be ourselves and develop deeper friendships with others than we might by simply coming to Church each week.



2.00 pm Homegroup at Main Street


2.00pm Homegroup at Church Meadow

7.30pm Homegroups at Blidworth
7.45pm Homegroups at Bonner Lane & Crookdole Lane


1.30pm Homegroup at Lesley Grove (Fortnightly)

7.30pm Homegroups at Oxgang Cl


Companions in faith

This is a group for christian women who want to encourage each other to go deeper in their faith with the challenges of everyday life.

Every Friday 3pm