Governance and membership


The church is run by our Parochial Church Council and overseen by the current Church Wardens, Paul Morris and Allan Ball.

The Parish Church Council (PCC) is the charitable governing body of the local church, the membership is made up of clergy and elected members of the laity who are members of the church community.  It’s principle purpose is to promote the mission of the church within the parish.


To read the latest PCC minutes PCC Notes 15 June 2020

To read our latest Annual Parochial Council Meeting minutes please follow this 2019 Vestry and APCM Notes and APCM 2020 report link.

The 2020 APCM is postponed until the 27th September at 6pm

The Electoral Roll is the official membership list of St. Wilfrid’s as presented to the Diocese. If you are on the Electoral Roll, you are able to nominate, be nominated and vote for PCC and Deanery Synod membership.

To qualify for admission on the Electoral Roll you will either

  • need to be a member of the Church of England living in the parish,
  • a member of the Church of England not living in the Parish but having worshipped habitually in the parish for the 6 months prior to enrolment

Forms are available at the back of Church or alternatively you can print a Application-for-Enrolment-Electoral-Roll


Today we have over 200 people on the electoral role and many more who attend our regular services and midweek activities.


Our policies can be found here:

Church Bookngs Policy

Complaints, Disciplinary, Grievance & Appeal Policy

Data Protection Policy

Fire Safety Policy

H&S Policy

Internet, Emails and Social Media Policy

Lone Working Policy

Photography Policy

Safeguarding Adults Policy & Procedure

Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy & Procedure